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About Us

The Golden Age of Baseball Cards... A Past Time to Treasure

The Golden Age of Baseball Cards — the time when baseball cards were bought, sold, traded, played with and enjoyed by millions of boys and an occasional girl.  The monetary value of these now vintage cards was not a consideration.  It was important to spend your nickel wisely and trade your cards so as to get the most enjoyment possible out of a piece of cardboard with a picture on it.  Let's take a trip back in time to the Golden Age of Baseball Cards and live the experience again. Let's delve into what made those simple days so much fun.  In doing so we will consider what might be the "Greatest Baseball Card Ever" to exist.  The criterion for this challenge has been developed and the results will be posted on this site.  However, as with most things in life in an imperfect world, there is room for argument, and these arguments can change the outcome of this assessment over time. Just like trying to determine the greatest player ever, achieving consensus on "The Greatest Baseball Card Ever" will never happen, but it can be fun thinking about it. We do not buy or sell baseball cards or baseball memorabilia. This web page attempts to rekindle the past in those who care to venture back to the Golden Age of Baseball Cards, when baseball cards actually helped kids to grow up, learn business skills and enjoy time together.  It’s very unlikely that this type of interaction will occur with the age of video games now upon us, but that’s what makes this time even more special for those who have been there.  It will never exist again.

Who Am I?

For lack of a better description, I am a baseball card lover.  Baseball cards were a part of my life as a child and the memories associated with them will be with me forever.  I collected them until I was around 14 years of age and then stopped, because it wasn't something that most high school students did.  That is a regret.  I started again when I was an adult and could afford to order boxed sets, but doing so did not provide anywhere near as much satisfaction as plunking down my nickel and opening a pack of baseball cards, with the smell of bubblegum wafting into the air. This web site is an attempt to share some of these experiences and to picture baseball cards from the altruistic point of view rather than the monetary viewpoint.  The true value of baseball cards rests in what they have done to shape the characters of children in the past and in the future.  The meaning of collecting baseball cards has changed dramatically over the years.  To the extent that this site can recreate the feelings attached to collecting cards that existed in another time, or make someone smile wistfully when they fondly think of something that was meaningful in their early years, then this site will be considered a success. However, I'm not trying to be nostalgic. Well, okay... maybe a little bit.   I'm not saying that the past is better.  I'm trying to create value that can make baseball card collecting more enjoyable.