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The Golden Age of Baseball Cards - Why Write About It?

November 21, 2012

by William Szczepanek

For five years I have written articles about The Golden Age of Baseball Cards and what it is. I have written about the best cards ever in the Golden Age of Baseball Cards Hall of Fame based on how you use Google. I have written about specific cards that can be of interest to everyone and try to add something special that not everyone knows about.

So, to a large extent this site is about baseball cards. But, many visitors do not get past the page that they Googled initially. Using the internet today does breed a certain amount of attention deficit, so I think it is rare that anyone gets all the way through many of my articles, particularly the chronology series.

If this site is about more than baseball cards, what then is it about? Some of you have guessed correctly. Others don't really care as long as they find what they are looking for. The emails I get span a broad spectrum. After 5 years I think it's time to tell you explicitly that the site is primarily about ever-changing culture.

Baseball Changing Culture

If I said I was writing about changes in culture nobody would read what I'm writing, so baseball cards gives me a setting that many older people can relate to and many younger people would or should like to learn about. (Like to learn? That's something from the past that we need more of today.)

Historical comparisons from the 50s, 60s and 70s to now are abundant. References to what it was like to live in those times are not just nostalgic, but are meant to evoke a feeling that doesn't seem to exist anymore and one which is hard to describe. It is both unique to the individual and universal in meaning. The times are not meant to be better than now. In many cases they were much worse, but they were importantly different.

The Golden Age of Baseball Cards coincides well with a time when America came into its own through the collective action of the people of the country, including politicians who knew how to work together and corporations who understood that their existence was due largely to the munificence of the American people.

It will take me many years to finish the basic structure of this site and the site as a whole will never be finished. What it has done is given me the opportunity to expand upon my other writings which live at Right Point

So, again, in slightly different words, this site is about giving people not only the opportunity to learn from the past so we don't make the same mistakes, but also to see what worked in the past that is now out of vogue because of cultural differences, political views or just plain not understanding that  - "Hey stupid, we've done this before, we should know how to do it again."  (i.e., Social Security Reform - not a big problem and not hard to do, just takes a little courage, which is sorely missing in our governmental officials today.)

If this article now makes you think otherwise about this site, so be it. There is still a great amount of information for the baseball card collector. If you're curious about the other stuff, just take a few minutes to click around and see if it is of interest. It may help you in the long run and it can help me with site analytics.

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


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