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March 27, 2013

by William Szczepanek

The Great Checklist Project is a blend of the old and the new. In an earlier article Checklist Cards - Necessary But Not Appreciated, I discussed those cards that listed which players were available in each series. When personal computers became available to the common man in the 1980s we tracked cards in database programs. Today, we often go online to find these checklists.

Over the years I have received numerous requests to list cards by series, particularly in the chronology articles. In the first few years of Topps' baseball card production a series was defined as a print run and cards appeared in stores in a staggered fashion throughout the summer. The series breaks for these print runs have been available from historical records. In 1957 checklist cards became actual baseball cards showing which cards were available for each series. It is here where information online differs from one site to another as to whether a card is an actual rookie card, error card or some other card that has special monetary value.

For the Golden Age of Baseball Cards checklists I have looked at each checklist card to verify the beginning and ending cards of a series for all cards from 1952 through 1974. It was at the end of this timeframe, actually a few years earlier, when factory sets became available and the checklist cards began to lose their meaning.

So, in response to requests, I have created this set of checklists online, but have done so with the Golden Age of Baseball Cards mission in mind. I will not list rookie cards unless they have been indicated as rookie cards on the actual card. I will not list error cards since the errors are numerous and actually confusing. In fact, I will not identify cards by their dollar value, but instead will focus on the theme of this website and use the checklists as a way of referring to cards highlighted in this site, like the Hall of Fame and the Showcase cards. As time goes on various links will become available on the checklists to provide you more information about the cards and the players.

I have scattered pictures of cards throughout each checklist to give you an idea of what the cards looked liked so the year is more recognizable. Overall, this was a lot more work than I originally anticipated and has been a work in process for the last two years.

I hope you find the Great Checklist Project useful and enjoyable.


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