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Where Do Old Baseball Cards Go When They Die? 

May 1, 2012

Where Do Old Baseball Cards Go When They Die?

by William Szczepanek

1967 Topps Hank Aaron #213New shoes. Shiny leather. Another shoe box to store. 
What to do with yet another? Toss it out the door?   
Once tidy containers they now give way to plastic with snap-on lids. 
They once were the vault for the precious goods of many cheerful kids.  
A safe place for sheets of cardboard that meant so very much. 
A place that not even mothers should be allowed to touch.

What do old baseball cards do when no one is left to play?  
They rise from their shoeboxes at midnight for another day. 
They slide across the living room floor to play another game. 
Just one more game they must play, but it isn't quite the same.
The cheering crowds no longer observe. They sleep sound and unaware,
That baseball cards have a life of their own, but no one seems to care.

Mantle and Maris roam the carpet for the mighty New York Yanks. 
The only place, they will ever face, Ron Santo and Ernie Banks. 
A blast! Hey Hey! A home run sails o'er a living room chair. 
The Cubs have won; the corners crease, the cards now show more wear. 
Where do baseball cards go when they die? Will they ever get to play?
Old baseball cards never die; They just fade away.


Modified picture from Poor Old Baseball Cards.


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